About my winning innovation

Hallo? My name is Robert. I ve been an innovator since my childhood. I ve always wanted to think in my own way and not follow the mob and just so you know when ten people are thinking the same, no one is thinking. My first innovation came about when I was 10. I was at my grandmother’s place and we had a security problem regarding a guy who used to com around in the wee hours of the night and would take away some food and kitchen items from our kitchen that was located afew yards from the main house. So we had to keep guard overnight in shifts. I dreaded the cold and so thought of how I would device a way of attending my guard shift and keep away from the cold. I remember I tied a very thin steel wire from a post across the house, kitchen and through my bedroom window which I then tied up to my leg. So when this guy showed up for his usual night rounds, he stumbled onto the wire and I felt my leg been jerked up and woke up my brothers and we ran out. He was too fast but he never came back.

Two days to the South Africa world cup finals, some guys broke into my house while I was fast asleep and took away my TV set and stereo. The frustration of losing my TV just when the finals were around the corner, prompted me into devising a way of get alerts whenever anyone approached my gate. Thus the SECURITY MASTER WAS BORN.

The system has a touch switch connected to the gate. So when anyone touches the gate, the console produces a beeping sound in the house accompanied by  a flashing LED light. IF you do open the gate, the flashing and beeping in creases in frequency and this raises the security threat on the console’s digital display by about 30%. Once in the compound, the console produces an alternating beeper warning accompanied by a red and blue LED lights, this serves to indicate that there is an intruder in the compound. At this time, the system immediately activates the surveillance camera by providing 12v dc power. The TV goes on as well. If no one is home, the VCR is set on a REC mode by the system. If you were in the house watching TV, the security master switches off the TV and puts on the video mode so you can be able to see the intruder. Whats unique about the system is that it makes the camera travel around the house depending on the position of the intruder in the compound. This feature minimizes the need for more than one camera. It also is equipped with a remote so you can control the pace and the direction in terms of left and right of the camera from the comfort of your house. At about 6pm, the system automatically switches on the security lights and powers them for 5 hours up to about 11pm when it turns them off and activates anti-burglary system. This means that if you enter the compound past tha time, the lights go on, the TV as well as the camera and it also wakes you up with a special tone so you  just wake up to see the live video feed. If the intruder touches any metallic part of the house like the doors and window grills, the system detects and puts the siren on. The siren is very special. It has a 2mega ohms variable resistor among a series of other which enables it to give out a very annoying squirking noise to the human ear so that the intruder can put down his tools and block his ears or better still take off. If he doesn’t, the mare going on of the siren triggers a 59 seconds timer at the end of which the system discharges a 500volts DC current to the intruder. If no one is home at any time, the system is self detecting and it sends a text message to a default three numbers in sequence. If no response is coming forth in form of beeping back to the system, the system gives a call to the number. When you pick the call, the system relays a live audio of the occurrence as it has an amplifier connected to two strategically placed microphones in the compound. Remotely, you can turn off the siren if its a false alarm by just commanding the system via a text to do so. You can as well switch on the lights or off or any other gadget in the house by texting away. The security master system has a 1000watts power back up inverter system which ensures that it remains active during power outages and as well as powering the house lighting system during the outages so you can watch your favorite TV programe without interruptions. The systems battery is constantly charged by wind! I ve a small home made wind generator that ensures that my battery doesn’t go down. This simply means that you can ve the security master installed in areas where there is no grid power!

This is just one of my inventions.