The New Version of the ‘Security Master”

The electronic house security system in this invention disclosure employs a combination of security system detectors and warning system composed of a central system of made of electronic integrated circuitry linked to capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes among others which can be retrieved from electronic waste therefore contributing to environmental health and safety. On this unit are linked home-made motion detectors, improvised laser beam sensors, electric shock generators, sirens, programmed warning voice commands, camera, lights, binary display unit, television , radio, computer and mobile phone among other gadgets as appropriate to subject premise capable of warning the owners or security personnel of eminent danger and the degree of the danger. The system has an inbuilt mechanism of sending warning and documentation of the security situation around the subject premise to a remote location.
How it works
In the preferred embodiment disclosed, the central unit which is the electronic console is an intelligent circuit that receives signals processes analyses and transmits digital impulses to specific warning systems in specialized ways. On this unit is linked motion detector which detects any movement within 15 meters from its position. In a home or business premise, this is positioned around a strategic position in the compound while touch switch is attached to the gate or main entrance door. Contrary to the conventional systems that only detect intrusion after break-ins, the security Master gives you alert before the bad guys make a break in. The System also has a digital display which shows you the threat levels in percentage terms. It also zones out your compound and thus will tell you exactly where the intruder is in the compound.
For example;
When one touches the gate the console in the house gives you a beeping sound which will increase in pitch and frequency if he/she opens the gate. Once in the compound, the intruder is picked by laser sensor or PIR sensor or optical sensor. The signal impulse is transmitted to the console which announces to you through programmed voice modules what kind of a threat is outside and from which sector e.g. “warning perimeter breach in sector one”. It then switches the TV on if it was off or changes the channel you are watching to the security channel. At the same time, it powers the camera and sensor unit’s robotic mechanism which picks your position and moves if intruder moves stops if intruder stops this means you will be able to follow the intruder on the live video without any effort. If you are away, the system’s GSM unit is activated and sends you a default text alert which you should respond to by beeping back to the system as a confirmation of your receipt of the text failure to which the system then dials your number. If you are not available, it dials two other numbers of people you have decided on during installation. During this time, the systems digital display figure increase, they are most high if the person under question did not pass through the gate like jumping over the wall. The system announces “code red alert” or “intruders” or screams out. These modules are intelligently picked out of the memory by micro-controllers. The micro-controllers also gives you verbal security briefing after every one hour. The most vulnerable place are guarded by dozens of laser beams which if broken trigger the system so they acquire burning property thus zapping the intruder or even blindening if you look into them. The laser diode which I simply acquire from old DVD drives work wonders. The system also takes over the lighting system. It turns on the security lights at dusk and off after 11 o’clock during which time ti makes an announcement that it has activated anti-burglar system. This means that anyone coming home after this time and touches the door or windows or tries to master the locks or cutting the window grills, immediately earth’s charges and triggers a one minute count-down timer which will be zap the intruder with 1000 volts of power. I decided on this due to the fact that In the convetional security systems one has to press an alarm and wait for help which may take ages. Therefore the security master ensures that you are alerted, shows the videos on instant and even if you were asleep it wakes you up, switches on the tv for you and insulates you from the eminent danger as no one can get into the house. As opposed to the convention security systems which only power the alarm unit during power outages, the system power the whole house for up to 5 hours during outages thus you are not in the risk of losing even the security lights. If thugs cut your mains power, the system has a way of knowing if its an outage or vandalism and thus triggers the siren before switching on the back up. With a DVR, you will be able to dial the IP and monitor your property from virtually anywhere in the world over the internet.


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